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Why Must You Ensure HR Regulatory Compliance?

Why Must You Ensure HR Regulatory Compliance?

Posted on 1st Jun, 2021

Why Must You Ensure HR Regulatory Compliance?

What Is Statutory Compliance as It Pertains to HR?

Statutory compliance in the context of Human Resources, refers to a company's legal framework used to deal with its employees professionally and ethically. In India, if a company does not comply with the set of central and state labour laws as in the latest Labour Code, the organization can land into serious trouble, which may even result in stagnation of the company's growth.

Possible Consequences of Neglecting HR Related Compliance

  • Work stoppage

  • Loss of the company's integrity, reputation, and goodwill

  • Cancellation and suspension of operational licenses

  • Loss of faith in the company's stakeholders and investors

  • Imposition of fines

  • Loss of customer loyalty

  • Civil and criminal liabilities

  • Negative impact on the company's productivity

  • Penal liabilities against the Directors or officers of the company

  • Withdrawal of fiscal benefits

  • A shutdown of the company, if the case goes to an extreme level

Why Emphasise HR Compliance in Your Organization?

Statutory compliance in HR helps a company to manage a demanding regulatory environment and avoid non-compliance risks.

Why Outsource Your HR Compliance?

At Gennext Strategy Advisors we provide outsourced HR services to small to mid-sized businesses, so that you can focus on what your company does best, and we help you meet your HR need through our expertise.

Our services help businesses like yours keep HR costs contained, reduce employer-related risks, and decrease the administrative burden of HR. With any small business, it's the little things that really matter; and we at GSA we can support you through your journey, with high quality outsourcing of your HR processes. This will not only offer you expert HR services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an HR team, but will also allow you to concentrate on building or running your business safe in the knowledge you have experts on hand to guide you through the minefield of the latest legislative requirements and best practices.

In terms of HR Compliance specifically, at GSA, we keep ourselves constantly up-to-date with not only the latest labour laws, but also all current industry best practices, supporting you to get an edge over your competition.