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Keeping Employees Engaged - Why It Matters So Much?

Keeping Employees Engaged - Why It Matters So Much?

Posted on 14th Jun, 2021

Keeping Employees Engaged - Why It Matters So Much?

What Is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel toward the work they do, their teams, and their organization.

When employees are engaged, their discretionary effort is directly impacted, encouraging employees to go above and beyond the basic requirements of their job. When employers, leaders or managers channel this energy and effort in the right direction, employee engagement has the potential to positively impact a host of business outcomes.

Why Make an Effort to Keep Employee Engaged?

  • Employees who are engaged are emotionally committed to an organization and its goals, meaning they genuinely care about their job andgo above and beyond the call of duty.

  • An engaged workforce typically results in lower absenteeism and churn rates.

  • Engaged employees are more productive and innovative (not just happier), while also being less likely to leave their job.

  • Employees who are well-engaged with their workplace, also often serve as unofficial "brand advocates" for an employer, which enhances the organization's reputation and makes the company an employer-of-choice" in the market.

Why Outsource Employee Engagement?

At Gennext Strategy Advisors we provide outsourced HR services to small to mid-sized businesses, so that you can focus on what your company does best, and we help you meet your HR need through our expertise.

Our services help businesses like yours keep HR costs contained, reduce employer-related risks, and decrease the administrative burden of HR. With any small business, it's the little things that really matter; and we at GSA we can support you through your journey, with high quality outsourcing of your HR processes. This will not only offer you expert HR services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an HR team, but will also allow you to concentrate on building or running your business safe in the knowledge you have experts on hand to guide you through the minefield of the latest legislative requirements and best practices.

Outsourcing HR does not mean that that you as an employer are missing out on employee engagement in order to resolve conflicts or build better relationships at the workplace. Rather, the leaders of your organization can now spend more time working with your employees to discuss the issues at hand on a more personal level, as by outsourcing HR to us, your leadership can now get up-to-date, relevant and industry best practice-based advice on effective employee engagement. As a bonus, your organization can also be unburdened from the chore of employee engagement related documentation and paperwork, should the need so arise!