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HR the Peacekeeper - Managing Employee Grievances

HR the Peacekeeper - Managing Employee Grievances

Posted on 6th Jul, 2021

HR the Peacekeeper - Managing Employee Grievances

What Are Employee Grievances?

"Any dissatisfaction or feeling of injustice in connection with one's employment situation that is brought to the attention of management", may be termed a grievance, according to Dale S. Beach

When something happens or is happening to an employee which he thinks is unfair, a grievance arises. Typically, grievances at work may arise from:

  • Poor Working Conditions

  • Management Policies

  • Interpersonal factors

Why Must Grievances Be Actively, Promptly Resolved?

Grievances are natural to arise in an organization where there are thousands of workers employed. However, these grievances should be removed within the stipulated time for creating a healthy work culture. If these grievances accumulate, it may result in a ripple effect creating more grievances that affect badly on both quality and quantity of output.

Grievances are most commonly, symptoms of conflicts within the organization and therefore, management should be concerned with grievances as they are important indicators of potential problems within the workforce. With a proper grievance redressal procedure, the management can respond to employee concerns as managers sometimes are unaware of them.

HR's Role in Grievance Management

Human Resource Management involves managing people within the employer-employee relationship. While many organizations do have their own policies to attend employees’ grievances, often developed by HR; the main questions to ask are how many employees are utilizing it to the extent it has to be and whether the policy is able to settle the issue within the stipulated time.

HR should also constantly take feedback from the workforce regarding working conditions, management policies, and interpersonal factors; by way of which future conflicts within the organization may be minimized and a way for a better work efficiency and a healthy work culture ensuring long term employee-employer relationships may be paved, which will benefit the organization in the long run.

Why Get Your Handbook Outsourced?

At Gennext Strategy Advisors we provide outsourced HR services to small to mid-sized businesses, so that you can focus on what your company does best, and we help you meet your HR need through our expertise.

Our services help businesses like yours keep HR costs contained, reduce employer-related risks, and decrease the administrative burden of HR. With any small business, it is the little things that really matter; and we at GSA we can support you through your journey, with high quality outsourcing of your HR processes. This will not only offer you expert HR services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an HR team, but will also allow you to concentrate on building or running your business safe in the knowledge you have experts on hand to guide you through the minefield of the latest legislative requirements and best practices.

In handling grievances, specifically, our team of experts is well-equipped to offer you and your employees an experienced, and impartial perspective in the resolution of the conflict, providing a safe space for both parties to air your views and meet at a common ground. Our neutral stance shall also serve to encourage employees to share their feedback about the organization more freely, allowing us to work in tandem with your team to pre-emptively address such issues and subvert their escalation into grievances.